Google offers a lot of services that provide free email services such as yahoo, hot mail proton mail, etc. But there is the best offer of free email service which is Gmail. It is the best rather than others because it is safe and secure and easy to use. It is an email address that ends The users, who use it, have easy access to Google sheets, slides, and calendars, etc. It was created by Paul Burchett on April 1, 2004. If you want to really to enjoy the social network you should need to buy Gmail accounts.

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Buy Gmail accounts

When it was launched, it has the capacity of about 1 gigabyte for a single user but with the time went the capacity of it also increased to 15 gigabytes of storage. The email receiving capacity and all attachments are about 50 gigabytes while sending power is about 25 gigabytes.If you want to send larger files, you should insert in messages through Google drive. There are also the facilities of the oriented interface and a conversation view like an internet forum.

Benefits of Gmail accounts

As you know that Gmail was created after Hotmail and yahoo, but Gmail has great progress rather than other services and also becomes the world no one free email provider. One thing is important here that you can use multiple Gmail accounts and can verify multiple accounts through a single phone number. It is also such a safe service because Google remains busy in security fear and updates its service from time to time.

Here are some benefits of the Gmail account.

  1. If you have a strong internet connection, you can easily send and receive emails message from anywhere.
  2. You can get the benefit of Google maps, Google Play and YouTube, etc.
  3. If you want to use social network sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can sign up through Gmail.

How to create a Gmail account? 

As you know that Gmail is the best free email service which is provided by Google. So if you want to create Gmail Account, you should sign up for a Google account. If you’re going to create a Gmail account, you should follow the following steps.

  1. First of all, you should go to the Google account creation page.
  2. Then you will enter your first and second name.
  3. You should select the username for your account. It is important here that if you want to use your current email address, you should press the below option of’ I prefer to use my current email address. It is to be noted that a username that you will choose will be used in other Google services like YouTube, Google sheets, etc.
  4. After username, you should choose a password for your account. When you enter your chosen password once, you will also enter your password for confirming. If you want to remain your account safe and secure, you should choose the complex word, so no one can hack your account.
  5. After that, you should put your birthday. There will be a specific field for each category.
  6. You should select a gender option. If you want to not show your gender, then select rather not say.
  7. You should enter your phone number.
  8. There will be a field in which you should type your current email address.
  9. You should also select your location.
  10. There will be a button for the next step in the blue color. When you press on it, Google gives you its terms of service. If you want to create an account, you should agree on the terms.
  11. When you select the agree button, you will see the verify account page.
  12. The next step will confirm your account. You will put your mobile number select that you want the code via message or call.
  13. You will receive the confirmation code. You should enter the code in the box and press on the continue button.

Now your Gmail is ready, and you can use it on various services. Google will automatically put your Gmail account to your account page.

Features of Gmail

As you know that Gmail is the best free email service due to amazing and interesting features of it.

Here we discuss some important features.

    1. Scheduled emails.

A scheduled email is that email which you want to send later. It’s mean you have written an email and want to send it tomorrow. This is the latest feature of Gmail. Every user has not the feature of scheduled email, but when you update your account, you can avail it.

    2. Do more with right-click.

If you want to enjoy the best features of Gmail like snooze the email, mute conversation, filter the emails, want to see email any specific sender, you just right-click or press on ctrl+ click on mac.

    3. Separate emails between tabs.

It can save your time because Gmail allows its users to arrange the emails in different categories like primary, social, and updates, etc. Through this, you can easily manage the email without any problem.

    4. Google’s all to compose your email.

Google has introduced its best feature smart compose in 2018 and also recently update it. If you want to activate this service on your device, you should go to setting, then press your email address and then click on smart compose on your device.

    5. Send and receive money.

It is the best and amazing feature of Gmail because through this. You can get and received money on your Gmail account. You just click on the symbol of the dollar, which will be held on the bottom of the compose window. If you want to send money, and you have not any set method on Google pay, it will encourage you to use any origin.

    6. Set expiry time.

It is also the latest feature. In this feature, you can easily manage the limit of copying and downloading email and also add an expiry time. You can search it in three-dot lines which card menu button, which will hold the top of the left corner of your account page.

    7. Get notification.

If you are worried about notification and want to get rid of it, then it is so simple. You go to your Gmail app setting, press on your email address, and then click on notifications. It is also important here that you just notify the important emails.

    8. Mix up your email stars.

It is a common thing that if you think that it is an important email so you will change its category with a yellow star. So here is an important thing that you can give any color for star and yellow is not specific. You should go in the Gmail settings pane of general and star to see the offer. Here you can search for different types of stars and can choose according to your choice.

    9. Google drive.

If you want to save any attachment with Google drive, then you can do this with just a single click. The drive icon looks at the top of the attachment when you are using your account on the web, Android, or on the IOS. 8. Side panel. Sometimes you will be unable to see the Google calendar, Google Tasks, and Google keep on the right side. You should press the arrow down the right side. If you are using a computer, then it will be very helpful for you to use two Google apps tandem together.

    10. Date wise find.

It is the best and oldest feature of Gmail, but some not know about this feature yet. In this feature you can search emails in date wise, if you want to see the emails of 2018, you should just search 2018 in the search box, and you will receive all the mails of 2018.

     11. Translate the emails.

It is a great feature of Gmail because the translator option is in your Gmail search bar. When you receive any mail, then you should click on the menu button, you will receive some option, click on the translator and select the required language. Through this, you will get the translation of that email.

Advantages of the Gmail account.

Gmail is world number 1 best free email service which is easy to use, so it has many advantages like

    1. Huge storage space.

Gmail provides a huge storage space of about 25 GB. It’s such storage that you can store a large number of emails.

    2. Online anywhere access.

Another advantage of Gmail is that you can use it everywhere. When you have a strong internet connection, you can get access to Gmail.

    3. Cheaper and less manpower.

Its cost is very low, with no expense for maintenance and data storage, it means that all your data, emails and documents remain safe in your web browser. There is no need for an IT administrator to create an account, and you can create your account with the use of the Google app,s dashboard.

    4. Easy search and organization.

If you want to organize your emails, then Gmail allows you for this because it has great features for it. Its best advantage is that through a feature, you can add your yahoo and Hotmail with Gmail so that you can manage all of your emails with just a single account.

    5. Data security

Gmail has a great back up on the Google platform, which provides the guarantee of service. You can access your data, but it is secure, and no one can hack your data.

What are PVA accounts?

PVA accounts are those accounts that are verified by phone numbers. These accounts are safer than non-verified accounts.

Non-verified accounts can be used in just a single country in which these accounts created whether PVA accounts can be used in all over the world. PVA accounts are useful for all kinds of social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social networks. PVA accounts are more effective rather than a non-PVA account.

Buy a Gmail account.

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How to forward email in Gmail

There are many best benefit feature which makes the Gmail best free email service in the world. It is the best feature of Gmail in which you can easily forward the email to the selected email address. Here are some best ways through that you can enable us to forward an email to another with easy steps.

     1. Click the menu bar.

First of all, select an email that you want to forward, then press on three dots called menu bar, which held on top of the right. When you click on it, there will appear some options like reply, forward, delete the email and print, etc. Then you will press forward option, and then enter your selected email where you want to send, then you press the send option, and your email will be forward.

      2. There is an easy way to forward emails.

First, you open the mail. Then, you will get lower of the mail two options reply and forward. Then you will click on forward and enter the email address and then send. Your email will be forward.

Where to buy Gmail PVA accounts?

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From the above discussion, we conclude that Gmail is the best way if you want to run your business according to social network sites because it is simple and easy to use and safe and secure rather than other and also gives most benefits from other websites.  Our company has solved your problem of buying safe and secure Gmail accounts with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can also improve your business through these accounts.