In this day and age, every person runs more than one number. Even a person is a businessman or an ordinary person; he can use more than one phone number for call, text or even for voice calls. A Google voice number is used for various numbers for different types of calls, text and voice messages on a single number. If you want to avoid from the problem of different numbers, you should need to buy Google voice number. When you will use it, you will be really benefited by the amazing feature of modern social media era.

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Buy Google voice number

This service was launched by Google on 11 March 2009. In this, the user can use a US phone number of selected some area code and it is free of cost. Every user has the access to use the Google voice number.

How to get a Google voice number?

As you know that it is a useful service in which costing is fully free, so everyone to avail of this service for personal and business purposes.  In this service, you can receive all your devices on the single selected number, so through this you can save money and time both.  In this service, you can get more benefits like calls, text messages and voicemails, etc. and most important is that every user can get benefit through this Google amazing service.

Here is some easy step through that you can get the Google voice number.

1. Go to

If you want to get Google voice number, first of all, you should log in to on your web.

2. Browse area codes

In the next step, Google will offer you to select your area code. Sometimes you should enter the area code, and sometimes Google shows some of your nearest area codes. One thing is important here that you should be taken care that you live in one area, but your business is another area, you should select your business area code.

3.  Select a Google voice number.

After selecting area code, you will need to select the phone number which you want for Google voice.

4. Verify your existing phone number

In the next step, you should need to verify your actual number. It is a necessary process because, without it, you cannot get the Google voice number. Click on the option of “verify,” which will appear in the green box.

After that, you will need to enter your existing number. Here you will be remained careful because this number will link to your google voice number, and if you are using more than one number, then you should select that number which is used for a most and different purpose.

After entering the number, you should press on the send code. Through this, you receive a confirmation code which you will receive via message.  When you enter the six digits code in the box and click on verify, your account will be ready for use. In the next screen, you will see your Google voice number.

One thing is important here that local calls are free, but if you want to make an international call, some charges should be paid.

Features of Google Voice number

Google voice is the best and amazing feature of Google through that you can receive calls, text messages, and voice emails from all of your used numbers without any cost. It is the best feature in the social media network. This Google feature can be used for personal and business purposes.  Here are some amazing features of it, which makes it benefited for the users.

     1. Free Google Voice for Business.

Through this, you can save your money, because through this you can get a free landline number which can be used for every purpose. You can set a free to connect number in which costing is free, but its features are very valued able and it is also easy to set up the US and Canadian numbers.

     2. Free Google phone number

This Google feature gives permission to the user to choose the favorite number and code. The user can select the favorite number which he wants and also area code, but this is also important here that if a user is shifting from one place to another, he can change the area code. This feature is also useful for the business person because the user can set Google voice number for business purposes and private numbers for personal purposes.

     3. Unlimited free calls and text over Wi-Fi

If you want to use Google voice number, then there is no need even you are using a mobile, tablet, or web on the computer because it is benefited on all browsers.  You can easily send and receive calls and text messages on all these platforms. It’s mean that you have a single phone number for your multiple devices.

     4 Voice recording

As you know that if you want to record the voice, you should be charged. So due to avoid from charge expense, some people delete the feature of recording in their iPhone and Android. But Google offers free voice recording and calls download through the feature of Google voice number. If you want to see your recorded calls, it’s to so easy.

Open your Google voice account, press on the left sidebar, click on the option of more, and after it clicks on recorded calls. If you want to record the call duration call, you just press on the button of “4” your call will automatically record, and if you want to stop the recording, simply again press on “4”. It will be automatic save in audio format, and you can listen to it later. If you want to listen to it open this service, then click on settings, then call and after that call option.

     5. Google voicemail transcriptions

This is the latest and very suitable feature of this service. Through this feature, you can save voice messages. In this feature, when you will receive voicemail, you can read it as text and also can save it through Google advanced technology. When anyone sends you a voice message, you will receive it an email notification in the text shape and also in the audio version.

     6. Receive calls on more than one number.

With the help of Google voice, you can manage more than one number for calls. When anyone calls you, all the devices show the call incoming. All those will manage the call forwarding at that time. You can also add more numbers for Google voice calls. If you want to add more numbers for receiving the call open Google voice, then click on setting, then phones, and after that on calls forward.

     7. Spam calls to block.

It is the best feature of Google’s voice because through this. You can block the spam calls automatically if you want to block the spam call and text messages from those numbers, which are unknown for you with the help of the Google spam folder. Through this, no unknown number can waste your time by calling or text messages. If you want to set up this feature, go to Google voice, open settings, then press on the call option, and then click on global spam filtering.

    8. Direct calls from Gmail through Google voice.

It is a useful feature of this service. Because through this feature, you can want to make a call, there will be no need for a cell phone. It’s mean that when you are working on the computer, and your phone is away from you and want to make a call then it is easy to make a call through Gmail or chrome hangout plugin. It is also important here that this useful feature is free and there is no cost of it.

    9. Do not disturb mode.

If you are tired and want to take some rest, but your calls are disturbing you, you can turn your device on, do not disturb mode, and you can take rest with on tension. If you want to set it to go Google voice, you are then set then calls, and after that, do not disturb. Through this, all your devices that are connected with Google will be turned on do not disturb mode.

   10. Save your message to the email.

It is an amazing feature because before it because in this feature, you can save the history of your entire text message. If you want to open your Google voice, then press on the left bar, then press on texts.

   11. Conference call feature.

It allows you to make a conference call with four different numbers at the same time. It is a very useful feature because in this feature you can create a meeting and can start to make a conference call.

In general, if you want to make a conference call, you should give a number and code to access the conference call, but in this service, this feature is best to make a conference call at the same number, and four different numbers can make a conference call. If any of the calls are coming during calls, you can also add that number to the conference.

If you want to activate this feature, open your Google voice, then settings, then call and after call options.

How to use Google voice number?

Some people think that it would be very difficult to use google voice number because it is the latest feature of Google, and also all people do not know about this amazing feature. But they are wrong because it is so easy and simple to use as an ordinary number.

When you want to make a call to anyone and anywhere, simply go to calls and dial your required number. You can make a call, sent the text message, and also voicemail through this service.

You can also block the numbers and also customize the other preferences. If you want to send or receive text messages on your Google Voice number, you should use the internet connection, Wi-Fi, or cellular data, but there are some restrictions also.

According to Google, these entire text messages are free in domestic shape, but if you are sending the text message out of the country and not using an internet connection, you should be charging some expenses.

Buy Google voice accounts.Buy Google voice number

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Final thoughts

Google voice number is one of the best features of Google, which is used for personal and business purposes. If you want to save your money and time you should avail of this service.

Through this service, you can promote your business and can remain in touch with your customers, and there is no need to keep more than one device because you can connect with people on just a single device.