How to Change Your Gmail Name in 5 Easy Steps

how to change your gmail now

Many peoples create their Gmail addresses using some kind of NickNames or using some random words, but after some time you might need to change your display name, today I will show you two methods on how to change your Gmail Name.

How to Change Your Gmail Name Using Gmail App

There are 5 easy steps to change the Gmail name using the Gmail App which is given below


Open the Gmail app on your android phone/apple ios phone, and you will see a photo of you, or you will see the first alphabet of your current Name in a round shape as given below in a screenshot image, click on that round shape to process the 2nd step.



After clicking on the round shape you will get a screen like the given below and you will have an option of “Manage your Google Account “.

Next step click on “Manage your Google Account”




Now you will get a screen like below where you will find some tabs like Home, Personal info, data, and privacy,

Click on “Personal Info”.





After clicking on “Personal Info” in the next step you will see a screen of Basic info under basic info you will see some options including “NAME” like the given below image, click on the “NAME” to proceed.





After clicking on “NAME” you will see a screen that will show your current name on Gmail and also you will see a pen icon to edit that name just click on that pen icon and edit the name of your choice and save it.





How to change Gmail Name using a laptop or PC browser


it is also very easy to change your Gmail name using a laptop or Desktop PC browser. just follow the simple steps to do that.


Login into your Gmail account and you will see a setting icon button in the top right corner just click on it to proceed next step as given below picture.



after clicking on the setting you will see a new screen with many options, just click on “Accounts and Import” to proceed to the next step as given below.


In the next step, you will see an option of “Send mail as” also you will see the button of edit details in the right corner click on it to proceed to the next step


in the final step, Gmail will open a small window like the given below picture where you can edit the name, put your desired name and save the changes.


I hope you will find this tutorial help full, please note that it will just change your display name in Gmail, it will not change your email address id, if you want to change your id you have to make a new Gmail account and verify it with your phone number.