How to Grow Your Instagram Page? 7 Best Ways To Grow Your Page

How to grow your Instagram page

If you are new on Instagram then I am sure this question “how to grow your Instagram page” comes to your mind. A growing Instagram page is essential nowadays to generate sales and all benefits for your business on this social media platform. It’s important to grow your Instagram page especially for brands to generate more sales and get more followers. If your Instagram page is growing then it will be highly recommended by Instagram to rank your content.

Is your Instagram page not growing and it’s affecting your business? Here we are to give you some helpful tips on how to grow your Instagram page.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

The most successful option for the growth of your business is to get more followers. As much as followers you have will increase the chance of getting promotions that are seen by people also get higher.

Boosting your Instagram page following is not an easy job, but you can use some of the tactics. Some of the best ways to gain more followers on Instagram follow:

  • Hashtags.

   Always put relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts. It will result on Instagram’s suggestion page.

  • Marketing.

   Another way to promote your page is to work with influencers to promote your business to get more followers.

  • Captions.

   Always try to convince your followers to check your Reels, Stories, and posts with a caption.

How to Grow Your Instagram Page?

Some of the best ways to grow your Instagram Page as are follow:

1.     Create Best Instagram Profile

What’s the first thing people see while visiting your account? It’s your bio! You only get one chance to show your first impression to the visitors. They will decide in a moment whether you are meeting their requirements and need to be followed or not. Make sure that your Instagram picture is matching with your other social media accounts so people can easily recognize you.

2.     Create an Attractive Gallery

Another way to look up on growing your business through an Instagram page is to create an attractive gallery. Try not to post anything old that might be on another social media platform. You should post some photos to tell your followers about your brand or business.

3.     Post Instagram Reels

Are you familiar with Instagram Reels? It’s 15-30 seconds clips that are set of music. These can be shared in the stories and explore feeds. Nowadays Instagram has launched a new Reels tab which you can use.

4.     Share Instagram Stories

The best way to share with your followers is to post stories. It’s fun and the best effective way to stand out. Instagram shares your stories at the tip of the homepage and through the feed. Every time you post a story it will appear on the front line each time you add. Make sure to create your stories in themed cinematic highlights that will show on your profile and under your bio.

5.     Hashtags

I wish I could explain to you the importance of using hashtags in your posts and stories. Relevant Hashtags really help your account discovered. But make sure you use the correct relevant hashtags and try to use trending hashtags if possible.

6.     Post at the best time

Check out your own analytics to see what things work best for your account and for your followers. In principle best time to post on Instagram are on weekdays. Some of the successful Instagram pages told that the best time to publish is on Tuesday and Wednesday to get more audience.

7.     Post Constantly

The most important thing at the last I want to tell you is you really need to post on a daily basis for good engagement. Not posting constantly on Instagram can result in low growth of followers.


I am sure that you get an answer on how to grow your Instagram page. It will be helpful in boosting your followers and growing your brand as well. Some of the services to boost your page are free of cost which might result in getting low-profit margins for your business.