3 Best Ways to Fix “We limit how often Instagram to protect our community”

we limit how often Instagram to protect our community

“We limit how often Instagram to protect our community” is the error that appears if your Instagram account has ever been limited by Instagram. There are many ways to fix this error which I will be explaining in this article.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform on the internet lately. The thing which should be focused on is Instagram doesn’t like spam.

What does “We limit often you do certain Things on Instagram” mean?

You should know all the limitations and rules of Instagram. Doesn’t matter if you are using for personal use or for your business. It’s also not like you can see messages if you are doing something wrong, but you see a message all of a sudden.

This can result in overuse of the features. If Instagram notices any unusual activity on your account, then Instagram will show this error “Try again later. We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram, like following people, to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”

This error is kind of a warning from Instagram that you must take an action on immediate basis. The only thing you must be aware of is that your last activity on Instagram might result to limit on your account.

What are Instagram’s Rules & Limitations?

Is your Instagram account new? You might face more than usual limits than old ones. To explain to you further I made some following points.

1.    Posts & Sharing Limits

Instagram is very strict in its rules & regulations and you should read them before you do any kind of activity. Some certain kinds of content you should never share or post anywhere which includes Gambling, sexual content, violent videos or illegal prescription of drugs, etc.

2.    Tagging Limitations

Tagging means that you mention the person who is present in the picture, you should not tag anyone for sake of popularity. If you tag several times just to gain more people and followers Instagram might limit your account.

3.    Posting Stories Limitations

Another part of the limitations is adding stories. You should be aware that you can add 100 stories. If you want to add more than 100 you should wait for 24 hours to add another story. Nowadays in a busy life, nobody posts 100 stories and if somebody does more than this Instagram might notice unusual activity and might result in limiting your account.

4.    Hashtag Limitations

The hashtag limit on Instagram is 30 per post and make sure you add relevant hashtags from your post. If you try to do more than this it might result in a limitations error.

5.    Likes and Comments Limitations

If you are looking to like many posts, you should know that Instagram has set a limit of 1000 likes. Let’s say you are using Instagram for 3-4 hours continuously you might reach that limit. Also, Instagram has set a limit for comments which is 200 comments per day. If you try to do more than the limit Instagram might be limiting your account.

6.    Following/Unfollowing Limitations

The most common cause of “we limit how often Instagram to protect our community” is when you follow or unfollow the accounts on Instagram continuously. Instagram has set a limit of 200. If you reach beyond that limit your account might get limitations.

How to Fix “we limit how often Instagram to protect our community”

1.    Report the Error to Instagram

If you think that your post or story is not violating Instagram Rules & Regulations you might report it to Instagram to get support on it. You can go to settings, report a problem write down your comments, and click on submit. The Instagram support team will contact you and let you know about the results.

2.    Delete the Post or Story

Another way to solve “We limit how often Instagram protects our community” is by deleting the post or story that you think might be a problem and it might help you to resolve the error.

3.    Change Your Instagram Account’s Password

Some of the reviews on Instagram are that you change your Instagram account password and it might result in fixing the error.


I hope you have reached the point and your error “We limit how often Instagram to protect our community” has been fixed. Keep in mind that Instagram applies these limitations for our safety and it is the safest app on social media platforms.